Readmission after Academic Suspension

Readmission Deadlines and Eligibility Requirements

L&S undergraduate students who have been academically suspended may not enroll in courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for three (3) full academic terms.  After this period, they may apply for readmission to the College of Letters & Science and re-entry to UW-Madison.  Readmission is not guaranteed: it depends on your progress resolving the challenges that affected your academic performance in your last enrolled semesters. 

If you were suspended at the end of…  You will be eligible to apply for readmission and re-entry in …  Readmission applications will be accepted from  
Spring 2023 or earlier  Summer 2024  February 15 through May 15, 2024 
Summer 2023   Fall 2024  February 15 through August 1, 2024 
Fall 2023  Spring 2025  September 15 through November 15, 2024 

Students seeking readmission must submit all requested materials and have a meeting with a dean scheduled by the deadline above. 

Before proceeding, please consider these questions:  

  1. Were you placed on academic suspension after your last term at UW-Madison?
  2. If you answered YES to the previous question, have you taken at least three (3) full terms off (fall, spring, and summer) from enrollment at the UW-Madison?
  3. Are you hoping to complete your degree through one of UW-Madison’s online programs?  



International Students on F1/J1 Visas: 

As you begin your Readmission application, please connect with the International Student Services (ISS) office for most up-to-date information on student visa deadlines and requirements. It typically takes 60 days to reinstate a visa.  


How to Apply for Readmission: 

Step 1: Download the Readmission Form and save a copy with your responses 

Complete the fillable L&S READMISSION FORM to the best of your ability.  You will complete the “Academic Plan” section with your advisor. 

A note on AI: Like other information content and sources, generative AI can be used to support original ideas but not used to write your essays and not presented as your own original work. If you choose to use AI to assist you in generating these documents, you are expected to adhere to UW-Madison conduct standards of honesty and integrity. Falsification is a violation of UWS Chapter 17.09(9).  As such, you must properly credit any sources used in your written submission. 


Step 2:  Meet with an Academic Advisor 

Schedule a meeting with an Academic Advisor and complete the “Academic Plan” portion of the Readmission Form. The advisor should fill out the Readmission Feedback Form after your appointment. 

  • If you know and have met with your previously assigned academic advisor, please email them directly to schedule an appointment (you will not have access to Starfish).   
  • If you don’t know your previously assigned advisor and are still exploring multiple majors (even in other schools and colleges), please set up an appointment with a Cross-College Advising Service Advisor. 
  • If you intending to pursue a certain major, please contact the advisor for that major. You can find the list of majors in the Guide here; you will typically find the advisor listed under the “People” tab. 


Step 3: Submit your form and schedule an appointment with an Academic Dean 

Email your completed Readmission Form as a PDF attachment to You will be sent a form to schedule your appointment with an Academic Dean. Your form must be submitted and your dean appointment scheduled by the deadline listed above in order to be evaluated as a completed readmission application.  


Step 4: Have your appointment with an L&S Academic Dean 

You will be invited to describe the challenges you faced previously, the steps you have taken to address those challenges, and the resources you have in place to support you in the event those challenges resurface.  Your conversation may also include discussion of your proposed major, your degree completion goals, and coursework taken elsewhere during your suspension year.  


Step 5: Move forward.  

If you are readmitted, apply for Reentry to UW-Madison.  

Students who are readmitted must request reentry through the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. This step is required to reactivate your UW-Madison email address and other aspects of your student profile. If you do not have any academic holds, your re-entry application will be approved and reflected in your Student Center within two business days of completion. Please note that this process also has deadlines for each term, listed on the Admissions page.  


If you are not readmitted, pursue appropriate next steps as discussed in your readmission appointment. Please note that readmission is not guaranteed. If the L&S Academic Dean does not approve your readmission, together you will discuss next steps, based on your specific situation.  Taking these steps seriously will support you in future requests for readmission.