Time to Declare a Major – Spring 2022

Dear Student,


You are receiving this email as a friendly reminder that it is time for you to declare a major. You are considered a senior at this time because you have already completed at least 86 degree credits or your current enrollment plus the credits you have already completed will put you at the 86-credit threshold. Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone in your undergraduate academic career at UW-Madison!


If you do not declare a major by the 5th week of this term, an enrollment hold will be placed on your records so you cannot enroll in future classes. More information about declaring a major can be found at:

When do I need to declare a major in the College of Letters & Science?


If you already know what you wish to study and are eligible to declare your major, you should speak with the major advisor to declare! If you are still unsure of your major plans or are not eligible to declare a major at this time, please speak with your assigned advisor right away.


Once again, congratulations on reaching this important milestone in your undergraduate studies. If you think you have already declared a major, please confirm this through your MyUW Academic Navigator and/or with your academic advisor.




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