Spring 2022: L&S Academic Standing – Academic Probation

The following email communication went out to students on academic probation in L&S after the spring 2022 term:


Dear Student,

You are receiving this email to let you know you are on continuing academic probation. As you know from prior e-mails, academic probation is a warning, based on your grades in the past academic terms, to let you know that we are noticing that something has been getting in the way of your academic success. “Continuing” probation means that your term GPA in spring 2022 was 2.0 or above (good job!) but you still need to meet all of the criteria to fully clear probation.

In order to clear probation, a student must have a term GPA of at least 2.0 AND a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.  You must also not have any outstanding grades of “Incomplete.”

While you are on academic probation, you should continue to plan carefully.

  • Think about what helped you to be successful this past term:  What can you put in place to continue, or do more of, whatever that was?
  • What was challenging for you?  Look at the resources mentioned below to see if any of them might help with what you encountered.
  • Some students find it helpful to think concretely using a sheet like this one to assess what is going well.  If you use this sheet, you’ll see on our resource list (scroll down) that the resources correlate with the main themes on the sheet.
  • If you haven’t already, consider taking the Academic Enhancement Seminar (CP115), a 1-credit class designed to help students reflect on their own situations and strategically address them. This class has a great track record for helping students who complete it to make their way back to strong academic performance.  Or, learn study skills, time management, academic writing, motivation, and self-direction in “How to Succeed in College” (Inter-LS 145).

Please take some time now to think carefully about your upcoming terms – especially any summer classes you may have planned. We recommend speaking with your advisor about your academic plans and resources that may be beneficial.  Many students who have been on probation have found it helpful to review our Probation FAQ information.

Take careful note of the final drop deadlines for your upcoming classes.  In summer, the drop deadlines are different in each different session.  You can find information for your specific courses HERE(The information at this link can be a lot to take in; if you need help with it, contact your advisor or our office.)   In fall, the final drop deadline is Friday, November 25.  Make sure you are aware of this and other important deadlines, so that you can drop classes in which you may be having trouble. Check for other deadlines before the first day of class and note them in your calendar.

Be reasonable with yourself.  You will be more successful if you do not try to combine too many courses with too many work hours and too many other activities.  Allow yourself time to accomplish the things that are most important.

If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisors or the L&S Academic Deans’ Services Office.



Susan Beth Koenig, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

L&S Academic Deans’ Services

110 Ingraham Hall

1155 Observatory Drive

Phone:  608-262-0617

Fax:  608-262-5093